Whether you wear a button-down with oxfords or straight-leg jeans with Converse to work,  you have to look presentable. In fact, you should look downright stylish. Stylitics data shows that you spend on average $153 on a single item for the office, versus $119 on average for any other item. Since you spend more money on work-wear, make sure they’re pieces that really work for your style, body type, and office environment.

Because we’re in your corner, we’ve collected the top 6 tips to help you look your best at the office:

1.  First thing’s first: buy a suit that fits properly. Have your sleeves taken in, make sure it tapers at the sides, and a two-button suit is always a good choice. During the colder months, spring for different textiles to help retain heat, like flannel, corduroy, or tweed. (GQ)

2.  When it comes to ties, it’s all about scale. Make sure your tie is tied tight, that the tip just reaches your waistband, and that there’s one dimple just under the knot. (Esquire)

3.  Go to a tailor and make sure your pants don’t pool around your ankles.  This will make you appear shorter, and you don’t want to look like your grandfather.  Not yet, anyway… (Fashion Beans)

4.  If you’re a recent grad on a budget starting to build your wardrobe, buy a pair of brown derbys.  They go with every trouser color, excluding black. (Put This On)

5.  Even if you’re not a recent grad, checking out places like Ross or T.J. Maxx is a savvy approach since you can get designer labels without the designer price tag.  If you have to splurge, though, workwear is usually a safe investment since most workwear silhouettes don’t go out of style. (U.S. News)

6.  If you work at a stylish new company, jeans are a staple. In fact, jeans were in the top 5 most worn-to-work items for men, according to Stylitics data.  But if you’re wearing jeans to work, avoid pairing them with a denim jacket or a chambray shirt; instead, opt for a button up and a sweater, a flannel shirt, or, of course, a blazer. Feel free to wear your favorite tee under the blazer, especially for casual Friday. (Every Guyed)

Written by MaryKate Guidry, Marketing Intern at Stylitics.

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