Menswear is all about the fit, get it right (with our help of course!) and you’ll look razor sharp. In the spirit of summer fun — weddings, parties, general debauchery — bring out your inner GQ model and dress it up.


Try a Slim-Fit

Make sure to wear a slim-fit shirt to prevent unwanted volume. Once you shrug off the jacket, which let’s face it, won’t stay on all night, you’ll still look polished.

Lapels Are Key

Although there are many different lapels, there are three main types to concern yourself with: notch, peak, and shawl. Black-tie events mean you’re going to want to go for the shawl look. A shawl lapel is curved without any breaks or points at the collar.

Not sure about the shawl? When in doubt, stick to a notch lapel. The notch essentially runs like a conventional suit jacket, opening at a 75-90 degree angle where the collar meets the top of the lapel; a standard look to have in your arsenal.

Remember to consider body type. Slimmer figures will match better with slimmer lapels (and vice versa), giving a more complimentary look.

Size Matters

Many men buy suits that are too large in fear of going too small — a suit should contour the body, curve into the lower back slightly, and lie smoothly. Ripples, puckers, and pulling signal that a suit should be sized up. The jacket collar should let about half an inch of shirt collar peek out. Take note, different designers have different proportions for sizes, so while you may be a 40 in Armani, you may not be a 40 universally.

Trouser Etiquette

There are a few ways to get the trouser length down right. Trouser legs may fall low enough to conceal the sock when walking. Or, more daringly, the bottom of the pant leg may “kiss” the upper shoe to reduce break. If you opt for this more modern look, though, make sure you don dress socks to match.

Cuff Up

In order to prevent unwanted slippage, sleeve cuffs should be snug on wrists. Do a quick check, if your hand can slide through a fastened cuff then the buttons or link holes need to be tightened.

When it’s time to dress up, a tux done right will definitely allow you to play the part. Although we’re big fans of Never Tell Your Tailor, in this case do talk with your tailor when you purchase a tuxedo (seriously though, check out their must-have tees). Proper tailoring will customize the fit so you’ll be well-suited in no time.

Written by Anna Goldberg, Marketing and Communications Intern at Stylitics. Anna suffers from a serious case of wanderlust and hopes to never stop traveling the world, although she realizes her inability to pack a small suitcase may hinder her options.

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