“I thank the PRADA Group for its valuable and total support to the Alaia brand during the last years.” Azzedine Alaia (1)

Today in 2007, Prada sold its shares of design label Azzedine Alaia to Alaia himself.

The partnership between Prada and Alaia began in 2000, yet throughout the Prada period, Alaia struggled with sale growth. While Prada was greatly profiting from Alaia, Alaia still felt that it could do better on its own.

Although terms of the deal were not revealed, we know that Alaia was a small investment for Prada. Alaia was purchased during Prada’s “binge” stage, in which Prada had control over many companies, ranging from Jill Sander to Hermut Lang.

Alaia thanks Prada for the continuous support, and proceeds to open new shoe boutiques.

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