Closet accessories can take your wardrobe from good to great. Use your closet to showcase your personality! From hooks, to ottomans, to hangers and everything in between, this is your guide to the handiest closet extras:

Lightweight Hamper


Hampers are a basic closet essential. The key to picking the best hamper is to select one that allows space for a transferable laundry bag. You should wash your laundry bag with your clothes and find a stylish hamper that fits your space. Keep in mind that you’ll want your closet to still be spacious, so a narrow, lightweight hamper is an ideal pick.

Slim Hangers


We’ve raved about these hangers before. It’s essential to identify garments to be hung and folded. Knits, sweaters, and jeans should always be folded. Hang button downs, silk, and wrinkle-prone items on these hangers. Since they’re coated in a textured material, these hangers will prevent any items from slipping and falling.

Comfortable Ottoman


If you have the extra space to work with, an ottoman can take your closet up a notch. Once you’ve planned your outfit in advance, you can leave the look on the ottoman to save you time. An ottoman is also a helpful place to put items like keys, a wallet, or your phone as forget-me-nots before you leave the house. An ottoman can also come in handy when you’re slipping on a pair of heels.

Miracle Fold


This nifty folding helper can really save you time and make your folded clothes very presentable. Place your freshly cleaned garment flat and spread out on the surface and fold left, right, and over. Once the folding is complete, store the product neatly in your closet. The best part? It hardly takes up any room!

Unique Hook Rack


Store your belts and scarves on a unique hook rack that matches your personality. It’s important that belts are hung or laid flat to maintain their shape. Alternatively, wrap your scarves over the jackets you’ve already hung in your closet, if you have limited space.

Spacious Baskets


If you have open shelves instead of drawers in your closet, you may consider using baskets to hide some of your more personal belongings. Undergarments and swimwear can be tossed into these baskets because they do not necessarily need breathing room and are usually wrinkle-free. Splurge on colored or printed baskets for an extra dose of style in your closet!

Adhesive-Free Shelf Liners


If you leave your shoes on open shelves, try shelf liners to avoid staining the shelves with your soles. There are many shelf liners available, but the ideal choice is one that grips instead of adheres to the surface. Using shelf liners will help preserve your shelves, so they’re an ideal choice if you’re renting your space.

Clean-Up Solutions



Cleaning solutions should always be on hand in case of an urgent dilemma! Use a basket to store these items. Your basket should contain thing like shoe polish, a sewing kit, beeswax, clear nail polish, and safety pins. These handy extras will save you from any fashion emergency.

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