Now that we’re fully into spring mode, deep cleaning our closets is at the top of our minds. But stocking up on trash bags won’t do the trick. The best spring cleaning comes from more than just tossing – it’s also about knowing what to keep and donate (or recycle).

Getting started is as simple as this: ask yourself…

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Should I keep it?

Is it in good shape? Does it have a flattering fit? Do you feel good when you wear it? If you answered yes to all of the above, then definitely keep it.

Clothes will always go in and out of style, but if an item is stain and tear-free with a great fit to boot, then it’s worth holding onto. If it’s off-trend, just put it in storage to free up space for the clothes in your closet that you want to wear now.

Should I toss it?

The only time you should completely toss something out is if it’s irreparably damaged (think: jeans split down the middle, broken heels, etc.).

Even then, you have another option. Live near an H&M? They’ll collect clothes in any condition, from any brand and give you a 15% off coupon for your next purchase.

Should I donate it?

If an item has a poor fit (pinch-y shoes, beware) or an unflattering color, then you’re less likely to feel good while wearing it. Similarly, if it’s overly trendy or just not your style, then you probably won’t be reaching for it.

Pro tip: find out how much you’re wearing something by checking its wearing history on Stylitics; if your cost-per-wear is close to the original price you paid, then it’s probably time to let it go.

As long as it’s still in good condition, go ahead and donate or sell it to make more room in your closet for the clothes you actually want to wear.

What are your favorite rules for deciding what to keep, toss and donate? Share in the comments!

Written by Annie Wazer, Marketing Manager for real-time trend insights company Stylitics. Annie can often be found wearing leather leggings and has never met a cup of coffee she didn’t like.