“As far as I can remember, every dime I ever had went to something extravagant. I would rather spend more, buy fewer items and have them forever.” Rachel Zoe (1)

On this day in 1971, American fashion stylist Rachel Zoe was born. Today, Zoe is easily one of the most influential names in the fashion world after working extremely hard to create a successful career for herself.

At a young age, Zoe was greatly influenced by her mother, who happened to have impeccable taste and an assortment of designer pieces. Growing up in this environment, Zoe developed a love for vintage and old Hollywood glamour. After completing her undergraduate education at George Washington University, she moved to New York City to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Only two years after landing a fashion assistant position at YM Magazine, Zoe was promoted to senior fashion editor. She was also given the opportunity to contribute her work to various other magazines during her time in the city.

In an effort to fulfill her childhood aspirations of Hollywood glamour, Zoe moved to Los Angeles. As she worked on bringing vintage fashions to Los Angeles, she quickly made a name for herself styling many notable celebrities, including Anne Hathaway and Cameron Diaz. In her determination to make her fashions more accessible, Zoe released her first style guide in late 2007 titled Style A to Zoe. In the fall of 2008, she launched her reality television show The Rachel Zoe Projecton Bravo. Alongside these projects, Zoe released one of the most successful collections to be distributed through QVC: “Luxe Rachel Zoe.”  In late 2009, she also began “The Zoe Report,” a daily newsletter full of her latest fashion obsessions. She has since launched two more newsletters that focus more closely on beauty and accessories.

Zoe has received many accolades for her work throughout the fashion industry, including The Fashion Group International’s Fashion Oracle Award and 2011’s Launch of the Year Award. With all her success, she still makes time for her husband, who is also her financial manager, and her son. She is currently pregnant with her second child, as well. Congratulations and we wish you a very happy birthday, Rachel!

Written by Dorienne Jackson, Campus Ambassador for Stylitics. Dory is a true fashionista, an avid fan of Forever 21, and a Maryland native. 

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