New York Fashion Week has officially begun – and we can’t get enough of it! We’ve penciled in the shows we can’t wait to watch, and now we’re giving you the scoop on 9 designers who are creating some major buzz…

New York Fashion Week: 9 Designers to Watch for Spring 2015

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1. CuteCircuit

Wearable technology isn’t as new as you’d expect. CuteCircuit, based in London, has been making the rounds since 2004. Designers Franseca Rosella and Ryan Genz are groundbreaking innovators paving the path into the future, now. The iMini skirt, worn by Katy Perry (a CuteCircuit fanatic), is a USB chargeable skirt with LED technology that syncs with CuteCircuit’s mobile app.

CuteCircuit’s Twirkle Disc T-Shirt is 100% cotton embedded with LED Technology that sparkles and glows as you move through darkness. This wearable tech is USB chargeable, washable, and easy to pair with some classic jeans. Keep yours eyes peeled for CuteCircuit’s Hug Shirt debuting September 4th during New York Fashion Week. The future is here!

New York Fashion Week: 9 Designers to Watch for Spring 2015

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If you didn’t already know Meden, now you now (thank us later!). A man after our own hearts, designer Walter Lee used New York City as his muse in his latest collection: “I’ve always liked the idea of opposites; such as rough and smooth, masculine and feminine, strict and loose, and how they can coexist. I felt like New York was that for me in the sense that the City is rough, fast paced, and imperfect in its cityscape, but there is an inherent beauty in that.”

The classic silhouettes with a pinch of modernity will keep us inspired through winter. We can’t wait to see his first RTW, Spring 2015 collection on September 4th!

New York Fashion Week: 9 Designers to Watch for Spring 2015

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3. August Getty

August Getty is showcasing his debut designer collection for Spring/Summer 2015 on September 5th during New York Fashion Week. After several years of hard work on this collection alone, folks are expecting something extra special from Getty.

Dresses and gowns will flounce down the runway, inspired by his drawings of hydrangeas, peonies, and wisteria. We’re sure Getty’s collection will take our breath away. Here’s hoping we’ll see a Getty design during the upcoming awards season (ahem, Oscars).

New York Fashion Week: 9 Designers to Watch for Spring 2015

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4. Alon Livné

Alon Livné, beloved Israeli designer, is in high demand only at the ripe age of 22 years old. Livné creates intricate gowns for celebrities, royals, and wait for it, Beyonce.

He even custom made her personal wardrobe for The Mrs. Carter Show AND the costumes for her dancers. Livné’s Spring 2015 collection will be shown during New York Fashion Week on September 6th.

New York Fashion Week: 9 Designers to Watch for Spring 2015

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5. Stella Nolasco

Puerto Rican Stella Nolasco is hitting the NYFW runways for the first time this year and she wants to make an impression. Her inspiration? Religious mysticism of Latin culture. We’re hoping to see some color to look forward to this Spring.

Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to see a certain celebrity in one of her designs – Beyonce is a highly noted fan of Stella’s (hmm, we’re sensing a trend here…). We can’t wait to see Stella’s edgy creations this week on September 5th.

New York Fashion Week: 9 Designers to Watch for Spring 2015

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Georgine’s second debut at New York Fashion Week begins September 8th! The designer posted a sneak peek on Facebook, prompting followers to look forward to gold, black, and peach colors on the runway. Textures like beading may also be present at the Georgine show.

Georgine Ratelband says the inspiration for her newest collection was the classic photographs of Slim Aarons and the wild glamour of a French summer in the ‘70s. We get tingles at the thought of that – here’s to next summer, Georgine!

New York Fashion Week: 9 Designers to Watch for Spring 2015

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7. Rebecca Minkoff

“Excited to announce we’ll be unveiling our line of wearable tech accessories with @casemate at #nyfw” Rebecca Minkoff is going tech! Not only is she showcasing her Spring 2015 collection online, but she is also presenting her line of wearable tech accessories.

She’s partnering with Case-Mate to create wearable tech pieces at affordable prices. During her New York Fashion Week show, viewers online and offline will see a $120 phone call alert device and $60 phone charger for your mobile devices, both disguised as bracelets.

New York Fashion Week: 9 Designers to Watch for Spring 2015

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8. Karolyn Pho

Karolyn Pho will showcase her second NYFW collection this fall, and her inspiration is med-deco architecture reminiscent of Miami. Her pieces are flowing, light, and ready-to-wear and pair great with a simple flat. We’ll see more of her collection on September 9th!

New York Fashion Week: 9 Designers to Watch for Spring 2015

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9. Meggie Kempner

Nan Kempner’s granddaughter Meggie Kempner is debuting her first collection at NYFW 2014 in honor of Nan. The young designer fulfilled her wishes to create All-American pieces that complement existing wardrobe pieces in everyone’s closet.

Meggie kept in mind a quote from Diana Vreeland while designing, remembering Nan as a chic, American woman. Meggie and her brother Chris partnered up to establish Kempner NYC and continue to honor their grandmother through fashion.

Who are you most excited to see at NYFW? Designers, celebrities, models, you name it. Comment below!

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