Remember how much fun it was to try your favorite new color of lipstick for the very first time? Keep all of your products looking brand new and in tip-top shape with these must-know organizational tips!

Beauty 411 | The Stylitics Report

1. Divide and conquer! Separate your makeup into categories and make sure everything has its own special place. You won’t be scrambling for that very berry lipstick in all the wrong spots anymore if all of your lipsticks are always in the same spot. You’ll be amazed at how streamlined your makeup routine will be when you know where to find your products.

2. One (and only one!) of everything. Makeup is often difficult to avoid accumulating as the latest colors and trends catch your eye. Experimenting is fun, so allow yourself the occasional splurge. Just make sure you keep your beauty classics (what you use on the daily) separate from new, fun finds to avoid a jumble of makeup.

3. Multiple makeup bags will help you divide up your beauty classics from any new, trendy makeup. Have a separate makeup bag for your purse essentials, lipsticks, date-night makeup, travel products; whatever makes sense for your lifestyle.

4. Toss old makeup (germs, gross!). As much as we may want to avoid throwing away beloved makeup, this is something we really need to be vigilant about. Mascara should be switched out every 3 months, as the process of constantly taking the brush in and out can invite bacteria in. Foundation can last 6-12 months, and should be kept out of moist environments (like the bathroom) to keep from spoiling. If you notice a change in color or smell it’s time to change. Eyeliner should be replaced about every 3 months, and lipstick yearly. Good news? Nail polish doesn’t go bad from bacteria, all it needs is a shake every now and then to keep it separated.

5. Stylitics beauty shelves are your best friend. Stay on top of what you own and when you bought it with your very own virtual beauty catalogue. This way, you can make sure to avoid doubling up on the same lipstick shades, and track when your makeup needs to be switched out. Never wear expired concealer again!

6. Work with what you have. Get crafty, and utilize what you already have at home. Whether it’s shoe boxes, mason jars, a magazine rack, finished candles, or desk drawer dividers, everything and anything can be used to compartmentalize your stuff.

What are your favorite ways to keep your makeup in order? Share in the comments!

Written by Anna Goldberg, Marketing and Communications Intern at Stylitics. Anna suffers from a serious case of wanderlust and hopes to never stop traveling the world, although she realizes her inability to pack a small suitcase may hinder her options.

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