One of our favorite events of the summer is coming up, with fireworks, BBQ, and good friends in store! We suggest starting with a packing list on the Stylitics app to avoid any and all insanity, like tossing items in a suitcase last minute (been there, no thank you!). Here’s our list of weekend celebration essentials:

4th of July Packing | The Stylitics Report

1. Bathing Suit

You never know when you’ll need to take it all off and cool down with a summer swim. A bathing suit takes up almost no space, so you might as well bring one with you! What is it they say? Opportunities manifest when we think they will. Pack a bathing suit and the universe will hear you!

2. Sundress

sundress is always handy; you can dress it up for nighttime with the right makeup, or wear it during the day for easy, one-step style. Multi-tasking clothing? Check and check.

3. U.S.A. Gear

Nothing screams team spirit like wearing your country’s colors or an American Flag sweater. It’s fun to be part of the team, so get patriotic this weekend. Whether it’s a simple bandana or a high-waisted, red skirt, make sure to work some U.S.A. love into your travel bag.

4. SPF (of all varieties)

Fourth of July festivities often mean a lot of time spent outdoors. Just make sure you’re protected with some sunblock, sunglasses, and a hat. We recommend a wide-brimmed, straw hat to work double duty: French Riviera chic and maximum sun protection.

5. Wedges

Whenever friends, food, or fireworks are involved, comfort has to be key. Wedges are your best bet for the weekend, promising style and fabulous long legs that will last the night (gain without pain!).

6. Oversized Scarf

This multi-use piece will prove useful for travel in ways you never even thought possible. A soft throw can be a wrap for when it gets chilly, a blanket to have an impromptu picnic on, a pillow for the car/train/airplane ride, or a new poolside cover-up when tied the right way.

7. Sandals

These catch-all shoes will probably end up as your favorite pair — wear them whenever, with whatever. Sandals are a summer staple, so try a greco-roman gladiator or this season’s classic and updated trend, the Birkenstock.

8. Statement Necklace

Nothing pulls an outfit together better than a piece of jewelry that stands out. A bib necklace or striking pendant will be sure to draw compliments, and remember, accessorizing is always a must!

Whether you have a beach getaway or a relaxing day on a city rooftop planned, you’ll be ready to face the festivities. What are your must-haves?