Need to update your jewelry box with some new sparkle and glam? Turns out, you might be able to do it all for free. Really.

From forgotten birthday gifts to costume jewelry, we all have more than a few pieces in our jewelry box that don’t get much use. We decided to do a little experiment with the help of our friends at TrueFacet, the authenticated luxury marketplace. Could we fund our new jewelry picks by selling our old wears?

So, we collected a jewelry box worth of items, all from Stylitics users’ favorite brands, and used TrueFacet’s new value calculator to find out just how much we could earn…

How Much Is Your Jewelry Really Worth? | The Stylitics Report

Our unwanted duds would earn us a whopping total of nearly $1,000! Enough to buy us more than a few of our most-wanted pieces this season.

Interested in knowing how much your jewelry and watches are worth? Find out instantly when you create your very own online jewelry box — TrueFacet’s calculator will do the rest! Enter the retail price and learn the recommended selling price to get the highest value based on condition and item type.

To help you get started, TrueFacet is giving Stylitics users $50 off any purchase! Just use code, “TrueStyle50″. Expires on 10/31/2014 at Midnight EST.

How Much Is Your Jewelry Really Worth? | The Stylitics Report

  • Alisha Patel
  • Urszula Koczyńska

    Great site, it is nice that you have mentioned it. I would like to sell some of my old rings and haven’t got any time to go to the store. Thanks!

  • Debra

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