Tried of digging through your beauty products to find your daily must-haves? Rid yourself of the extra clutter of old or rarely used products and get started organizing your stash. We’ll take you step-by-step so you can save time in the morning and wear more of the products you love most:


Make a Pile

First, scoop your makeup products out of your drawers and cosmetic bags and onto a working surface. Make categories based on makeup type or occasion. Place all moisturizers into one pile, bronzers in another, lipstick in a third, and so on. This will help you visualize what you own.



Once your piles are organized, get right to work by throwing away any expired products or products that don’t perform as well as they used to. These items should stand out apart from the others due to signs of age, like an imperfect consistency. If you have duplicates, discard the older one and make use of the item that’s left.


Organize by Product Type

If you have an assortment of beauty products, invest in a beauty organizer with drawers. If you have drawers and shelves you can make use of, place dividers in the drawers or look for small bowls that fit your makeup and line them on the shelves. Since you’ve already categorized your makeup by product type, this step is easy – place your piles into their respective compartments.


Organize by Occasion

If your beauty routine is focused more on occasion than product type, we have an organization method for you, too. Now that you’ve removed duplicate or expired items from your collection, create new piles based on occasion types that work best for your lifestyle, like “formal” or “everyday.” This should help if you have a minimal amount of makeup. Pro tip: put your everyday makeup in a small cosmetic bag to take on the go!

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