Layering jewelry over an outfit is like adding the frosting to a cake. Take your look from simple to chic by layering rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Give your outfit life with shiny accessories, bold colors, delicate textures, edgy structures, and more! Here’s how:


Mix Your Metals

Rose gold complements both silver and yellow gold. As a trio, the metal bunch really packs a punch. Wearing all three is attention grabbing and very fashion forward. If you plan on wearing all three together as necklaces or bracelets, it’s best to wear only one of each metal. Feel free to make as many combinations as you’d like on your fingers in the form of rings. This is an easy and affordable way to test all three colors at once.



Pick one piece of personalized jewelry per outfit! You can personalize rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Have your jewelry monogrammed in unique ways that speak to you. Try monogramming your first name, last name, nickname, initial, or a loved one’s initial. Engravings are another great way to make a personal statement. Get creative when you mix fonts and lower case or uppercase letters to make the biggest impact. If you want the piece to really stand out, try monogramming in small jewels over the engraving.


Play with Length

Wear your longest, thinnest chain first and continue slipping on the necklaces from the longest to shortest lengths, one after the other. Avoid wearing over five necklaces at once. The longest necklace should go no lower than your waistline. Use our tips on personalization and metal mixing when layering necklaces!


Color Coordinate

When stacking your wrist wear, switch up the colors, textures, and sizes of the bracelets. Slip on a black leather strap with gold bracelets. Try a solid bangle below your watch and pair it with a dainty, rose gold bracelet. Or, place a thin, gold bangle next to a charm bracelet. Experiment with colors to make unique combinations.


Stack Away

Stacking rings is a bold touch to any outfit. Play with knuckle rings, pinky and thumb rings, and every other ring in between. No single ring needs to match—show your personality! A cohesive stacking involves plenty of small rings with one or two bold players. If you’re sticking with metals, rose gold looks great on every skin tone. Yellow gold and silver don’t always make the best match, so try to separate them with other colored rings.