Do you struggle with maintaining the quality of your clothes and shoes, wear after wear? Improper maintenance of your clothing can significantly shorten the lifespan of the items in your wardrobe. These simple tricks will help you get more use and wear out of your clothes and shoes – and keep them looking brand new

When washing your clothes, less is more.


Wash less frequently and air dry when you can. Putting your clothes in constant heat through the dryer erodes the fabric and in turn diminishes the original quality. The lint from your clothes will find a new home in the dryer filter! Avoid using high heat when drying your clothes. Invest in a clothing rack so you can line dry.


Hot water cycles fade the color of your clothes. Instead, use cold water on a gentle cycle with light detergent. Your clothes will eventually lose color over time, but this cool process will give the color a longer lifespan. Remember not to overcrowd the washing machine! Your clothes will have their best clean with a light to moderate load and a reasonable amount of detergent. Heavy loads do not properly wash your clothing.


Here’s a basic tip: wear your clothes 2-5 times before washing, with the exception of undergarments and swimwear. Definitely wear your jeans and sweaters at least five times before you wash them. The best option is to spot clean any slightly dirty or odorous areas on all worn items. This may be underarm or neck areas. Hand-wash the spots and air dry.

Prevent your shoes from losing their shape or shine.


Waterproofing your shoes can make a huge difference in maintaining the premium quality of your shoes. Expensive waterproofing waxes are available; however, beeswax is more affordable and easier to find in stores. Rub the wax onto your shoes for a layer of protection from water, dirt, and salt.

You’ll also want to find a good shoe tree to maintain the shape of your nice dress shoes. Your shoes will maintain their shape and the trees will prevent the shoes from folding, limping, and absorbing moisture.


Don’t forget to polish your shoes! Polish will repel salt, dirt, and moisture. Shining your shoes with shoe polish and a brush will also help to extend your shoe’s original quality.

Gently wipe away dirt and imperfections.


Similar to the benefit of a shoe brush, a clothing brush can wipe away excess dirt or dust and can be a better alternative to a lint roller.  Simply brush the fabric with the clothes brush to save yourself a few trips to the cleaners. Sweater stones will also remove pilling on wool and cashmere sweaters. This is a great tool to use over your most delicate fabrics so you can avoid damaging them.

What are your favorite ways to maintain your wardrobe? Share below!