Learning how to match your style to your perfume is essential to being put together from head-to-toe. The power of perfume is, in my opinion, seriously underrated. I do admit I may have a greater-than-usual fondness for this beauty must. Did I consider a career as a perfume chemist? Yes. Did I insist on traveling to Grasse just to make my own perfume? Yes. Do I own more perfume than shoes? No. I’m still normal, everyone.

The key is understanding that style is multifaceted, your look is equal parts scent, sandal, and maxi-skirt. Want to strike the perfect balance? Read on.


Perfume Styling | The Stylitics Report

If you tend to dress like the bourgeois-bohemians, this scent story is for you. To go along with your boho outfit, you’ll need a perfume with aromatic, woody notes. Think mossy undertones, sandalwood chords, dried cedar and vetiver. Try: Yves Saint Laurent’s Elle Intense Eau de Parfum.


Perfume Styling | The Stylitics Report

For the sophisticated and feminine dresser, a softer scent is necessary. Next time you find yourself reaching for a polished pencil skirt, add in something crisp and and urbane to dab on. Try Balenciaga’s Paris perfume for a sophisticated affair with metallic notes accompanied by a mix of violet, patchouli, cedar and carnation.


Perfume Styling | The Stylitics Report

Paying homage to sporty-spice? Athletic wear is in, just ask current fashion icon and all around it-girl Cara Delevingne. To match your playful but laid-back style, you’ll want to opt for fresh citrus, by-the-sea acqua, tree bark, and green fruit notes. Try Diptyque’s Philosykos to carry around a garden full of fig-trees wherever you go.


Perfume Styling | The Stylitics Report

The classic dresser doesn’t give in to trends, but chooses innate fashion sense instead. A delicate and discreet scent goes perfectly with a fitted blazer (now trending) and a patterned, silk head scarf. Try Bvlgari’s Eau Parfumee Green Tea for hints of Italian Bergamot, Bulgarian Rose, Egyptian Jasmine, and Green Tea.