If you haven’t celebrated National Hobby Month yet, don’t fret – we’ve got you covered. There’s no better time to get started on your long list of “I need to try that!” DIY’s than the present. So today, we’re talking behind-the-scenes of pro DIY-ing with the ten tools you’ll need to get started:


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1. Scissors.

Scissors are involved in pretty much every DIY project. Make sure you have a sharpened pair that can cut through many different kinds of material, from leather to silk, with ease. You can keep your scissors sharp by stacking up 7 pieces of aluminum foil and cutting through them. It’s as simple as that!

2. Basic sewing kit.

You don’t need to own a sewing machine or be a pro at sewing for DIY-ing, but you should have a basic kit. Your kit should included a few different colored threads, sewing needles, and pins.

3. Seam ripper.

Seam rippers remove unwanted stitches. They’re essential to any garment deconstruction DIY and, of course, they’re extra handy if you make a mistake while sewing.

4. Measuring tape.

Accurate measuring is a big part of DIY’s. Using a measuring tape will ensure that your project is more precise and professional looking.


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5. Hot glue gun.

Hot glue guns are the perfect way to add pizzazz to your DIY. They make adding sequin, beading, and jewels super easy.

6. Heat bonding tape.

This tape is great for no-sew projects. You can easily create hems and adhere patches with heat bond tape.

7. Iron.

Irons are the second step to using heat bond tape. Also, irons can be used solo to create neat hems – just check out the cute cutout shirt above!

8. Fabric spray paint.

This paint is ideal for adding designs to your DIY’s. You can use it free hand, with stencils, or to create a cool ombre effect.


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9. Rosary pliers.

Rosary pliers are especially handy for jewelry DIY’s. Use these pliers when dealing with wire, jump rings, chain links, and more.

10. Toolbox or tackle box.

Last but not least, a toolbox or tackle box can help you stay organized. DIY’s can be messy, but with all your tools and supplies organized you’ll be able to find what you need as soon as inspiration strikes!

Written by: Laurient Soria, Intern at Stylitics. Laurient is a senior at LIM College and spends her free time playing dress up in her closet. 

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