Peplums and paisley and pantsuits, oh my!  New York Fashion Week has come and gone and, as promised, has left a bevy of new trends in its wake.  To separate the one hit wonders from styles with staying power, we consulted Stylitics data for a look at how you’re wearing and buying these trends right now.  Based on the data, we were able to predict which trends will hit it big.  The results might surprise you.


The verdict is in: the peplum perseveres.  Making its debut last February and solidifying its top trend status in September, the peplum was everywhere this Fashion Week, now appearing in velvet, metallic, and leather for next fall.  According to Stylitics data, the public started stocking up on this trend back in June and subsequently started wearing peplums en masse in August.

Purchasing of peplums has done nothing but increase since October, so we expect wearing to do the same.  It looks like the peplum is here to stay – at least for another year.  This is one trend you can buy and wear now.


Limiting leather to outerwear and accessories is a thing of the past.  Leather has quickly proven to be a ready-to-wear staple. As seen on the runways of Theyskens’ Theory, Rebecca Minkoff, and Tibi (to name a few), it’s been used in tops, pants, skirts, dresses, anything you can make from fabric, really.

From your buying patterns, especially after September Fashion Week, leather looks like a trend that will translate off the runways, as well.  Leather appeared most often off the catwalks last March, just after February Fashion Week, and made a modest comeback beginning in November and lasting throughout the fall season.  But despite a slight drop-off in the amount of leather you’ve been wearing, it seems like you’ve been stocking up on leather goods, especially since leather made its mark on the Spring 2013 collections in September.  If the peplum trend is any indication, a spike in buying means a subsequent spike in wearing.  Our verdict?  Stock up on this trend – leather is here to stay.


Suiting has become more and more prevalent on the runways since last February, and this Fashion Week was no exception.  Off the runways, it looks like you were inspired last March to rock this look (perhaps a testament to Prabal Gurung’s Spring 2012 printed pantsuits?), but retired your power suits come summertime.

However, data suggests that suiting might just make a comeback.  With buying spiking in January of this year, it looks like it’s setting up to be a very corporate-chic spring.


Lace is one trend that was unexpected, but prevalent in collections like Tadashi Shoji.  According to Stylitics data, it looks like this one might have thrown you for a loop as well.  Lace peaked in popularity last March and had staying power through the spring, but fell off drastically last fall.  Data shows that buying has also tapered off since last summer.

The verdict is still out on this one, but we’re curious to see whether lace picks back up in March.  Our guess?  Lace will still be a trend to watch throughout the summer, but it’s unclear whether this will hit it big next fall.  Wait this one out for now.


It’s no secret that metallics were everywhere this Fashion Week.  And while we take to shiny things like a shopaholic to the Barney’s Warehouse sale, we can’t help but wonder whether this trend will resonate with the masses.  Bright and shiny certainly has a good track record as of late, as evidenced by the surge in neon last summer, but the question remains: can metallic be the new neon?

The answer?  We think so.  Our data shows a slight increase in metallics on the streets, especially in the past few months, and a big surge in buying metallics going into fall.  And, historically, if you’re stocking up, it means you’ll be wearing it out.  Here’s to hoping, anyway!  This is one to buy now.

Dark purple

From Rag & Bone to Carolina Herrera to Kimberly Ovitz, eggplant certainly made its mark on the runways.  We’re all about jewel tones for fall and, as it turns out, so are you.  From the data, this is one trend we can say with confidence is happening rightnow.  From wearing to buying, purple has done nothing but skyrocket since last fall.

But whether or not it’s hit its peak remains to be seen.  Our guess?  Come next fall, the plum pantone will be everywhere.  Keep this one on hand.


Burgundy was big last fall, but still showed up in several of the 2013 collections.  Looking at the data, it seems like this trend may have already hit its peak – at least for now.  This hue showed promise going into December, but the tides turned as soon as the New Year hit.  If buying of burgundy continues its downward trend, we’d imagine you’ll stop seeing it on the streets as well.

But don’t run to the consignment stores with your burgundy gear just yet.  Going into next fall, this is one that could go either way.  So keep your burgundy stash around, but hold off on adding anything new for now.


Paisley for fall was certainly a pleasant surprise.  We’ve been hoping for the resurgence of this print, especially since 10 Crosby by Derek Lam’s Spring 2013 collection.  And while this trend fell dormant through the fall, it looks like you might be ready for a comeback as well.

Stylitics data shows a steep decline in paisley – both in what you’re wearing andwhat you’re buying – through fall, but activity over the last couple of months bodes well for the future of this trend.  Buying picked up in January, and wearing subsequently picked up right in time for Fashion Week.  If this pattern continues, this is one trend you’ll want to snag early.

What were your favorite trends from New York Fashion Week?  Tell us in the comments!

Written by Jessica Novak, Marketing Manager for real-time trend insights company Stylitics.  Jessica is a blogger, runner, coffee addict, avid alliterator, and chambray enthusiast.