Spring has sprung, and the warm weather is taking us a little bit by surprise!  After what feels like a long winter of stocking up on hot chocolate and skipping the gym, some of us might not necessarily be “bikini ready” just yet.  But fret not.  We turned to one of our Featured StylistsTrinity Rose, of image and style company Illumé, to give us some tips on dressing for summer (before we’ve shed our extra winter weight).  Check out Trinity’s closet to browse her style and ask for personalized style advice!

I love spring, and the light-weight layered outfits that go along with it are my absolute favorite.  However, I was recently asked what does one wear during those first warm transitional day’s if they haven’t lost their winter weight?  I thought this was a great question. Here are some suggestions.

Fabrics: Whenever possible, choose skimming, breathable fabric such as silk, cottons, tencel/lyocell, and linen.  Stay away from synthetic fabrics and anything too tight or thick.

Rompers: There are lots of different options out there these days, but I suggest full length pant rompers in a silk or light cotton. Cynthia Vincent and Re-formation have some really good ones in their spring collections.


Super soft lightweight jeans: Thick/stiff cotton jeans are not going to be your friend during those first warm and humid days. However, light-weight jeans made of a really soft cotton will be much more enjoyable.  These kinds of jeans tend to stretch out a lot, so be mindful of that when purchasing.  SuperTrash, a luxe dutch line, makes jeans out of a silk blend that are heavenly.

Maxi Dresses: Maxi or near maxi dresses are a good option, as they are long and tend to be flattering on most body types, especially if you choose one that is solid and or has a small even print in a skimming (non-clingy) fabric.  If you’re not ready to show your arms, layer with a light sweater, soft draping blazer, or jean jacket.


Harem pants: Harem pants tend to all be made of the fabrics I mentioned above and are super comfortable. There are lots of different variations out there, so I suggest trying different cuts until you find the one that flatters you. To play it safe, choose a dark color solid harem, as this is the most likely to be flattering.  However, there are some really cool patterned harem pants out there. These are not for everyone, but when done right, I absolutely love them…

Light weight layered tops: Light-weight skimming tops that are easily layered made of tencel, model, cotton, or silk are going to feel great on those warm days. Layer with a cotton silk draping sweater, shawl blazer, or light cotton jacket.


Shoes: If you wish to elongate your legs, choose shoes that create a flattering line and don’t hit your leg or ankle at an awkward spot. Nude shoes that match your skin tone can also help elongate.  Another trick to elongate your whole body is to choose a monochromatic color palate from top to bottom.

If you’re feeling self conscious about your body, a go-to solution is to create an outfit out of simple, light-weight basics made from breathable fabrics, and then accessorize with statement pieces, drawing the attention away from your body and onto those gorgeous accessories.  Amazing jewelry, a spring lipstick, and the right handbag & shoes can make all the difference!

Want to get the look?  Check out Amy’s closet for amazing rompers, Jenn’s closetfor statement jewelry, and, of course, Trinity’s closet for light-weight basics and the perfect pair of jeans.  How will you dress for the warmer weather this year?  Tell us in the comments!

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