We’ve all been there – that awful moment when your heel breaks and you’re nowhere near home. Faced with either hobbling all night or going barefoot (hey, no judgments), you curse yourself for forgetting to bring your back-up flats.

Make sure this isn’t you (again) by avoiding the unavoidable with your very own fashion emergency kit. Locate an old makeup bag (even a ziplock bag will do!) and get started. Here’s what you’ll need:

Stylitics | The Ultimate Fashion Emergency Kit

Safety pins. These are a classic must-have in any fashion emergency kit. Secure a tear or broken zipper, replace a button or fasten a hem, or even fix a broken clasp.

Fashion tape. Keep button-downs from puckering, hide bra straps, and temporarily mend hems in a flash. Fashion tape is the Swiss Army Knife of fashion disasters.

Roll-up flats. If you’re going out in anything above 4 inches, you need to have these in your purse – especially if there’s dancing involved (your feet will thank us).

Stylitics | The Ultimate Fashion Emergency Kit

Clear nail polish. Beyond giving dull nails an instant sheen, clear nail polish has countless additional uses. From stopping a run in your tights to keeping your laces from unraveling, you’ll be happy to have this miracle-worker on hand.

Band-aids. Solve any footwear emergency with a band-aid (or two). From blisters to pinching, band-aids can ease and prevent discomfort.

Stain remover pen. Tomato sauce on your white blouse? Don’t fret – just grab your stain remover pen and treat it without ever leaving your seat. Viola! Crisis averted.

Stylitics | The Ultimate Fashion Emergency Kit

Garment deodorant removers. These will save you in an instant from embarrassing marks on your black sheath dress. They can also help take off lint and dirt.

Mini lint roller. Nothing’s worse than finding out that your beloved pet decided to nap on your black pencil skirt…as you’re walking into a meeting. A lint roller will keep you looking polished anywhere, anytime.

Nude-colored underwear. The ultimate fashion faux-pas? Discovering that your new maxi dress is sheer after you leave the house. The only fix is to have a spare pair of nude under garments on hand.

Stylitics | The Ultimate Fashion Emergency Kit

Static guard. Whether your skirt is clinging to your tights or your blouse is clinging to, well, everything, static guard can be a girl’s best friend; it’s a time-honored favorite.

Instant buttons. When your jeans’ button breaks off, a true fashion emergency ensues. The quickest – and most secure – fix? An instant, removable button, that will keep you comfortable (and clothed).

Wrinkle releaser. Ever rush out of the house and realize you forgot to iron your dress? With a wrinkle releaser, you don’t have to worry about heading back home. Just spray, tug and smooth.

Stylitics | The Ultimate Fashion Emergency Kit

Fabric refresher. If your clothes need a quick refresh, a fabric refresher won’t just mask odors like a perfume, it’ll actually eliminate them with deodorizers.

Black sharpie. Find an unsightly scuff on your black pumps? A bleach spot on your black jeans? This quick-fix tool will give your outfit an instant polish.

Rub relief. There’s no such thing as too much shoe discomfort-prevention. Avoid blisters with relief strips that you can customize to fit your shoe perfectly.

Stylitics | The Ultimate Fashion Emergency Kit

Foot petals. Feet slipping out of your shoes? Too high heels wearing down on your feet? These will keep your feet in place and add some much-needed cushioning.

Extra earring backs. There’s nothing quite like crawling underneath a table in search of your earring back to make you wish you had one of these on hand…

Shoe shine sponge. Keep your favorite heels looking brand new on the go with a shoe shine sponge. It takes seconds, is discreet, and can cover up scuffs and scratches.

Stylitics | The Ultimate Fashion Emergency Kit

Heel tips. When your heel tip falls off and you’re nowhere near home, the best solution is to have an extra on hand. They take seconds to put in and can save your ankles from a night of wobbling.

Sewing repair kit. A palm-sized sewing repair kit can save you from some pretty big fashion emergencies. Rips and tears, loose hems and buttons, and more can be solved with a quick stitch.

Sunglasses. There’s no look that can’t be saved by throwing on some large sunnies. There’s a reason they’re a celeb favorite for dodging fashion emergencies.

What’s in your fashion emergency kit? Share your favorite tips in the comments below!

Written by Annie Wazer, Marketing Manager for real-time trend insights company Stylitics. Annie can often be found wearing leather leggings and has never met a cup of coffee she didn’t like.

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