Despite the cold weather rolling in, we’re still trying to find ways to enjoy the great outdoors. Guess what? It’s easier than it looks to plan a cold weather workout outfit with clothes you already own. Here are 5 simple items that are fall fitness must-haves!

Half-Zip Sweater



A half-zip is comfortable, easy to exercise in, and keeps you warm. The zip-up will prevent warmth from escaping when you’re running in the cold air. And when you’re all warmed up, just unzip your sweater to quickly cool down!

Colorful Sneakers



Showcase your personality with a pair of colorful sneakers in your favorite hue. Pick a pop of color to get you energized for any workout! Take it from these ladies, brighter is better.




Top off your look with a vest and pair it with thermal activewear underneath. Your core will stay extra warm, even in the coldest fall weather. Need another plus? This stylish pick will offer pockets to place your wallet, keys, and phone.




A fitted headband will help you stay warm and keep hair away from your face. Hide your ears from the chill with a soft-lined headband and try a ponytail for the most comfortable experience. Don’t be afraid to use it as an excuse to add in an extra dash of color!

Fingerless Gloves



Fingerless gloves allow you to have access to your phone, keys, and everything in between when you’re on the go. Pull the glove over your long sleeve to cover your wrists. Try going monochrome with your top or even go for a print to mix some personality into your look.

What’s your favorite style to wear for fall fitness? Share in the comments!

  • IBikeNYC

    I must have that top in photo 13!

    If anyone can tell me more about it, PLEASE do!