Emilio Pucci

“Gaiety is one of the most important elements I brought to fashion. I brought it through color.” Emilio Pucci (1)

Today in 2003, Emilio Pucci revealed plans to open its first UK boutique on London’s Sloane Street.

Emilio Pucci, now known as one of the most influential fashion designers, grew a late love for fashion. After being a part of the Italian Olympic 1932 team, graduating with a political science dotctorate, and serving in World War II, Pucci finally began designing.

His designs started with the Reed College Ski team, and he eventually expanded his fashion empire to include boutiques and different clothing lines. He is now one of the most versatile men in history, known as a successful politician, athlete, and fashion designer.

Although he died in 1992, Pucci’s legacy lives on, and the UK boutique continues to thrive.

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