Calling all fashion lovers! Make Halloween stress-free and stylish this year by dressing up as your favorite fashion icon – with items straight from your closet. Mirror Valentino, Grace Coddington, Chanel, and more. These DIY costumes are sure to set you apart from the ghoulish crowd:

Iris Apfel 


Iris Apfel is a talented interior designer and style icon for the ages. Her quirky edge epitomizes true independence and confidence! Personify this incredibly unique woman for Halloween with eccentric costume jewelry. Don’t be afraid to pile it on. Add a black turtleneck and oversized glasses frames (or, use pipe cleaners for a cheap DIY creation). Use some silver-colored hairspray if you’re feeling extra adventurous!

Rachel Zoe


Rachel Zoe is best known for her large sunglasses, fedora, ‘70s waves, maxi dresses, and sky-high platforms. You’ll be a winner in this look on an especially cold Halloween night. Cover up in a dark, flowing maxi dress, cardigan or faux-fur vest, and a wide-brimmed hat. Create the perfect pout with a dark lipstick and hairspray your laidback waves in place. Be sure to drop some of her famous quips! “So MAJ.” “BANANAS.”

Coco Chanel 


What’s not to love about Miss Coco Chanel? Her Parisian elegance is a look to try at least once in your lifetime. Loop several faux pearl necklaces around your neck, dripping down your back and chest in a very Chanel way over a black top or dress. Slick your updo away from your face and sport round earrings to match the pearls. If you have a black, small-brimmed hat, place it on your head and tilt it to the right. Finish off your look with black tights, flats, a pencil skirt, and attitude.

Anna Wintour 


Anna Wintour, editor in chief of Vogue, has stand-out style that is true to her persona. You’ll need a wig and some preppy duds for this look. Sunglasses and slingbacks are also ideal. Pick any tweed dress or blouse and skirt combo with a long coat to match. A bib necklace and sunglasses are essential! Step out with a clutch, an edition of American Vogue, and look away from the cameras. No autographs, please!

Valentino Garavani 


A deep tan is one of Valentino’s most identifiable exterior traits. Slick back your hair into a straightened, low ponytail and lay on the bronzer. If you don’t have a matching blazer and pants outfit, pull on a chic black or white dress and a mismatched tie. Oxfords and lace up shoes will do the trick! Add a stainless steel watch to your wrist for a cool menswear look.

Betsey Johnson 


Embody Betsey Johnson with your kookiest closet items and a splash of spunk! Nothing in your look should match and everything should be about color. Wear sequins, tulle, stripes, ruffles, you name it. Frizz out your hair, paint your nails, apply a dark lipstick, smile, and don’t forget to do a cartwheel or two!

Grace Coddington 


To dress up as Grace, you must nail her signature ‘do. Look for an orange or red wig and tease it with all your might. Grace tends to wear all black in loose shapes. This costume works well in cold weather too! A red lipstick in any shade will add a nice touch. If you can, use make up that matches your skin tone to blend out your eyebrow color. Grab a copy of Vogue, Grace’s biography, a blue clutch, and you’re ready for Halloween!

Karl Lagerfeld


Head designer and creative director of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld is the one of the greatest in the fashion industry! To get the look, pull your white wig back into a low, straightened ponytail and wear any pair of black sunglasses. This accessory is a MUST! Wear a black blazer, a white or black button down shirt, black pants, and flats. A skinny, black tie could add some flair. Fingerless gloves in leather or mesh would seal the deal! Learn his mannerisms to really embody this fashion icon (hint: he has a habit of tugging his blazer!).

Who are you dressing up as this Halloween? Share your look below!