Whether you’re looking for the perfect outfit for an event or attempting to overhaul your wardrobe, a professional stylist will help you get from start to finish. Here at ClosetSpace, we’re big fans of convenience. So, when we sought out to connect ClosetSpace members with experts in styling, we knew that creating a seamless virtual styling service was a must.

We enlisted the help of our friends at national personal styling network, Urban Darling. They bring together the very best professional stylists around. Their dedicated styling experts use their years of experience to perfectly customize looks for their client’s needs.


Professional styling…in your inbox!

Together we built a virtual styling service, combining the convenience of ClosetSpace with the expertise of Urban Darling’s professional personal stylists. Our virtual styling service is affordable, fast, and requires no extra work from you!

Using your ClosetSpace account, Urban Darling’s experts will style 10 looks for you with clothes you already own. You’ll also get custom tips on how to wear each look and shopping recommendations based on your wardrobe needs. Our virtual styling service employs your own style criteria to fill the holes in your closet and optimize the items you already own.

To celebrate the launch of ClosetSpace, we’re offering a special deal on our virtual styling service! For a limited time only, get the service for $25 (50% off!). Sign up here.



What are you waiting for? Get styled!