“Until you’re ready to look foolish, you’ll never have the possibility of being great.” Cher (1)

Today in 1988, style icon Cher received an Academy Award for best actress for her work in Moonstruck. Moonstruck was a romantic comedy in which Cher played the lead opposite Nicholas Cage. Her roles in movies like Silkwood and Moonstruck helped the world to see her as more than a billboard for bold fashion statements.

When Cher’s career began in the 60’s, the singer/actress was known for her love of fringe and long, pin-straight black hair. She later became notorious for wearing over the top costumes during her performances. Even now in her 60’s, Cher is still touring and wowing the audiences with her lively performances and wild costumes.

Written by: Laurient Soria, Intern at Stylitics. Laurient is a senior at LIM College and spends her free time playing dress up in her closet. 

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