Broken zipper? Embarrassing static cling? There’s a fix for that – and any other fashion disaster you might have. Rather than suffer through your style emergency, read up on these must-know tricks:


Replace a Button in a Pinch

The button on your shirt fell off? Not to worry! Temporarily replace it by cutting a hair elastic or rubber band and wrap it through the loop where the button was. Then, wrap it over to the other side in which the button was pulled through. Tie the elastic in a knot on the inside of the garment. For a pair of pants, a belt will do the trick to hide your missing button.


Prevent Jeans from Fading

Here’s a simple trick: turn your jeans inside out to prevent their shade from fading! Also, try not to wash them often (if at all). You may be worried about the color now, but washing them too many times can also alter their fit.


Remove Lipstick Marks and Ink Stains

Accidentally marked up your shirt color with red lipstick? Just lay a towel on a flat surface, and then turn your stained garment inside out on top of it. Next, dab rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball to the back of the lipstick mark. This trick will also work from ink stains!


Get Rid of Static Cling

If you’re wearing a clingy garment, grab a metal hanger and run the long side of it down the garment. Also, try spraying a bit of hairspray on the garment – but make sure to do it from a good distance to avoid a stain. To prevent static cling, put lotion on your legs before putting the garment on to keep it from sticking to your body.


Lift Perspiration Stains

Sweat stains can be embarrassing, but this trick should get those stains right out. Pour vinegar, lemon juice, or hydrogen peroxide directly onto the stain. For easier application, pour your choice of liquid into a bowl, dip a sponge into it, and soak it through the sweat stains. Leave for 20 minutes, wash with like colors in cold water, and let the shirt air-dry.


Stop Tights from Running

If your tights rip while you’re out at work or at an event, apply a thin layer of clear nail polish to the beginning and end of the tear to keep it from growing. You can also spray hairspray on the tear’s ends to prevent it from growing.


Create a Temporary Zipper Pull

If your zipper pull is broken or missing, simply find a paper clip or a key chain and hook it onto the bottom of the zipper. Tighten the temporary zipper pull to the zipper until it is fastened enough to hold the zip up. Now zip!

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