If you read yesterday’s post on the most popular Halloween costumes of the past decade, you already know that pop culture has emerged as a huge trend. The good news about this pop culture costume craze is that you can save time and money by creating a last minute DIY Halloween costume out of items that are already in your closet. The question is: who should you dress as?


Want to get all of the ladies this year? Why not dress up as Christian Grey from 50 Shades of Grey! If you already have a grey suit sitting in your closet, then this costume is incredibly simple. Pair it with a light grey or white button down shirt and agrey tie. In just seconds, all of the ladies will be swooning.  Handcuffs optional!


The Hunger Games is all the rage these days, so why not dress up as Katniss Everdeen or Peeta Mellark? For Katniss, pair a black V-neck with a black leather jacket and green cargo pants. Complete this look with the 8th most popular item you have in your closets, black combat boots. For guys, all you need is a black scoop neck shirtgreen cargo pants, and brown bootsMay the odds be ever in your favor this Halloween!


In honor of Gossip Girl’s final season, why not opt to dress up as one of Manhattan’s elite for Halloween? For girls, all you will need is a white button down and a navy skirt. If you want to go as Blair Waldorf, create perfect curls in your hair and include a colorful headband as the final touch. For Serena van der Woodsen, borrow your boyfriend’s navy tie and use it to create a loose knot. Guys will need a white button down, too. Pair this with khaki pants, a navy blazer, and a striped tie and you are all set.


Magic Mike took the entertainment industry by storm this summer. Be the life of the party this Halloween by going as the one and only, Magic Mike! All you need for this look is a pair of black pantsa tie, and a black vest. But remember guys, clothing is optional!


The fierce five is one of the easiest Halloween costumes to pull off, and there is a variety of options depending on what’s in your closet. All you need to do is pull together your four closest friends and start seeing what you all have. You can opt for a coordinated tracksuit or matching USA shirts. If you are an athlete, you might already own a few leotards or body suits that could work for this costume as well. Throw your hair in a high pony, add makeup worthy of the Olympics (think lots and lots of glitter), and a DIY gold medal and you are good to go!


Dress as your number 1 style icon this year!  Although there are several different looks you could recreate from Audrey Hepburn’s character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, one of the simplest would be inspired by her sleepwear. Buy or make a white and black Breakfast at Tiffany’s shirt to wear with black leggings (the 15th most popular item in your closets!) and a colorful sleep mask. For a more classic look, wear a black maxi dress with long black gloves, heels, and a tiara.

So there you have it!  No need to spend big bucks this year; just shop your closet.  What are you going as?  Tell us in the comments!